how to optimize zipimport

Coonay flankw at
Mon Mar 30 14:39:20 CEST 2009

On Mar 26, 1:38 pm, John Machin <sjmac... at> wrote:
> On Mar 26, 2:06 pm, Coonay <fla... at> wrote:
> > see,the zipimort takes nearly 0.5 second
> > D 03-25 07:53PM 21.374
> > Loading __main__
> > I 03-25 07:53PM 21.455
> > zipimporter('/base/data/home/apps/coonay/1.332322118600950324/
> >', '')
> ?? zipimport.Zipimporter() has one arg, not two.
> > W 03-25 07:53PM 22.046
> > appengine_django module
> > On Mar 26, 10:41 am, Coonay <fla... at> wrote:
> > > in my mudule ,i import another mudule from a zip ,
> > > when i call  my mudle method,the module in the zip will be import from
> > > the zip every time,that slow down the operation,
> > > i try to search the some workarodnd or solution but i don't get one,
i don't use zipimport directly,just like u said i put the zip in the

> Why are you explicitly using the zipimport module? In other words, why
> don't you put the full path of the zip file in sys.path and then just
> use the normal "import module_in_the_zip" mechanism? Note that this

i found the the module in the zip reloaded  everytime the code is
called,i mean, say ,first time it take me 1 second to call a method in
the zip,but it take another 1 second to call the mothod for another
time ,and so on

> can/should be done once at the top of your calling module. In other
> words, the import code is executed when the calling module is imported
> by your main script, not every time you call a method in your calling
> module.
In my developing environment ,there is a limitation of file number
that i can deploy,such as i 'm only allowed to deploy 100 python
files,so i have to zip some module

> Alternatively, if you feel you *must* use zipimport, what's to stop
> you doing that once at the top of the calling module?
> Note: it may help when you reply to show a stripped-down version of
> your calling module, sufficient to back up your description of what is
> happening.
> HTH,
> John

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