create a log level for python logging module

dj d.a.abernathy at
Mon Mar 30 17:13:19 CEST 2009

I am trying to create a log level called userinfo for the python
logging. I read the source code and tried to register the level to the
logging namespace with the following source:

             from logging import Logger

                         # create the custom log level
                                  class userinfo(Logger):
                                               def userinfo(self, msg,
*args, **kwargs):
self._log(WARNING, msg, args, **kwargs)

                              # Register log level in the
logging.Logger namespace
                              Logger.userinfo = userinfo

Has I am sure you guessed, it did not work. If you know how this is
done or know what I am doing work or can provide a link to example
code (because I have not been able to locate any), I would greatly
appreciate it.
My sincere and heartfelt thanks in advance.

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