please include python26_d.lib in the installer

Christian Heimes lists at
Mon Mar 30 21:03:51 CEST 2009

Johan Compen wrote:
> If Python doesn't include the _d.lib file, then why does the header
> file reference it? I would prefer manual control over which lib file
> to use. (And I don't want to disable _DEBUG for other reasons).
> Could the header file be changed so it alwas uses the release lib? In
> most cases it's actually ok to mix different versions of the CRT in
> one application. See the following blog post about this issue:

No, the header files can't be changed. Python debug builds have a
different ABI than release builds of Python. The _DEBUG flags enables
the debugging ABI with additional checks.

If you *really* want to use a debug build of Python then you can easily
build your own.


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