Windows command line not displaying print commands

JonathanB doulos05 at
Tue Mar 31 15:59:19 CEST 2009

I think I found the problem. I recently removed Python 2.5 and
replaced it with 2.6. When I got in, I tried to run some django
commands and even they weren't producing output. On a hunch, I tried
to uninstall 2.6 and reinstall it, since now even django wasn't
producing output. When I tried, it told me that I couldn't because it
wasn't installed. I had to delete the folder and manually go through
and delete every instance of "python" in my registry. However, when I
reinstalled 2.6, it worked. Some of the registry entries were still
pointing to the defunct Python25 path rather than Python26. Now both
the simple script and the bigger script that I really wanted
to get working are producing output.

I apologize for the confusion caused by going the wrong direction with
my troubleshooting (from the simplest possible script to the more
complex script), next time I will be more sensible in my

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