web access through vpn client

Stephen Hansen apt.shansen at gmail.com
Fri May 1 20:41:03 EDT 2009

> I am trying to retrieve financial data off website for stock market
> analysis.  Just hobby not for pay.  I actually am impressed that
> urllib2 and BeautifulSoup work pretty well to do what I want, and the
> first little routine actually gets the data from the web page...
> except if my VPN client is turned on.

Usually when something like that happens with a VPN its because the VPN has
been configured to do so. Its the default usually and is a security
precaution.  The exact wording of the option varies from VPN client to VPN
client; and its usually hidden deep in 'advanced'. E.g., on the mac its
"Send all traffic over VPN connection", on Windows I /believe/ its something
like "Set as default gateway" but its been awhile since I had to tweak my
windows install. No idea what it looks like on the Cisco client.

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