web access through vpn client

Martin P. Hellwig martin.hellwig at dcuktec.org
Sat May 2 02:57:32 CEST 2009

mark.seagoe at gmail.com wrote:
> Hi;
> I am trying to retrieve financial data off website for stock market
> analysis.  Just hobby not for pay.  I actually am impressed that
> urllib2 and BeautifulSoup work pretty well to do what I want, and the
> first little routine actually gets the data from the web page...
> except if my VPN client is turned on.
> I've looked around for a solution but can't find... perhaps I'm not
> entering the right search words.  I don't even know where to start.
> Can anyone suggest some good reading, or basic idea how to approach?
> Thanks,
> Mark

When the VPN client is on, can you actually still browse the 'classical' 
way to the website in question?
I ask this because many cooperate VPN clients have a way of shutting 
down all other access besides to the VPN server (which is very annoying 
but I can see the logic behind it).

If that is the case your VPN network might have a webproxy which needs 
to be configured to continue browsing when connected to the VPN. For 
python you can automate this by checking for access to the proxy and use 
it if it is there.


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