problem with money datatype based calculations in python

Krishnakant krmane at
Sat May 2 09:45:22 CEST 2009

hello all,
I am using postgresql as a database server for my db application.

The database is related to accounts and point of sales and many
calculations involve money datatype.

The application logic is totally done in python.  Now the problem is
that there is a situation where we calculate tax on % of the total
amount on the invoice.  The  percentage is in terms of float but the
eventual amount has to be in a money datatype.

The product cost comes in money datatype from postgresql and the tax %
comes in float.  So I would like to know if python supports some thing
similar to money datatype so that I can cast my total amount (in money )
divided by tax% (in float ) so money divided by float should be the
result and that result should be in money datatype.
For example a product x has the cost Rs. 100 which is stored in the
tabel as money type.  and in the tax table for that product the VAT is
5% and this 5% is stored in float datatype.  So after using both these
values the resulting total 105Rs. should be in money type and not float.
I awaite some reply,
Thanks in advice.
happy hacking.

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