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Sun May 3 02:08:07 CEST 2009

On May 2, 5:30 pm, Ned Deily <n... at> wrote:
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>  seanm... at wrote:
> > Thank you for both for the help. I still cannot get the program to run
> > though. Below I've copied my commands and the error messages for you
> > (in IDLE then Terminal):
> > IDLE 2.6.2
> > >>> python
> > SyntaxError: invalid syntax
> The default IDLE window is a python shell window.  That is, you are
> already "inside" the python interpreter, the same as if you typed just
> "python", with no file name, in the Terminal window.  You can use that
> to execute python statements and introspect objects, among other things.  
> Try it.
> But, back in IDLE, ignore that window for the moment and use the Open
> command in the File Menu to select and open your file from
> whatever directory it is in.  A new window should open with the contents
> of that file.  With that window selected (click on it, if necessary),
> there should be a "Run" option in the Menu bar and under it will be a
> "Run Script" option that will cause the script to run and the output to
> appear in the shell window.  You can then explore the other options
> available in IDLE for debugging, etc.
> --
>  Ned Deily,
>  n... at

Awesome. I think that clears it up (at least enough for now). Thank
you both very much.

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