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Mon May 4 00:39:47 CEST 2009

Sometimes I rename recursive functions, or I duplicate&modify them,
and they stop working because inside them there's one or more copy of
their old name.
This happens to me more than one time every year.
So I have written this:

from inspect import getframeinfo, currentframe

    if n <= 1:
        return 1
        self_name = getframeinfo(currentframe()).function
        #self_name = getframeinfo(currentframe())[2] # older python

        # only if it's a global function
        #return n * globals()[self_name](n - 1)
        return n * eval(self_name + "(%d)" % (n - 1))
assert SOMEVERYUGLYNAME(6) == 2*3*4*5*6

Are there nicer ways to do that? I don't know.
If there aren't, then a way may be added.
An idea-syntax:

def fact(n):
    return 1 if n <= 1 else n * inspect.self(n - 1)

Or even a lambda, because you don't need the name anymore to call the

fact = lambda n: 1 if n <= 1 else n * self(n - 1)

(If you have two or more recursive functions that call each other this
idea can't be used, but I think such situations are uncommon enough to
not deserve help from the language).


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