Multiprocessing.Queue - I want to end.

Luis Alberto Zarrabeitia Gomez kyrie at
Mon May 4 00:38:42 EDT 2009

Quoting Cameron Simpson <cs at>:

> | And as it happens I have an IterableQueue class right here which does
> | _exact_ what was just described. You're welcome to it if you like.
> | Added bonus is that, as the name suggests, you can use the class as
> | an iterator:
> |   for item in iterq:
> |     ...
> | The producer calls iterq.close() when it's done.
> Someone asked, so code appended below.
> [...]

Thank you!. I tested it, and it seems to work... and having the queue be an
iterable is a plus. Thank you, Cameron & MRAB!

Luis Zarrabeitia
Facultad de Matemática y Computación, UH

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