python docs for beginner programmer?

Napalmski ur.liam at iksmlapan.reverse
Mon May 4 01:28:28 EDT 2009

In article <87vdohk791.fsf at>, ben+python at 
> Deep_Feelings <doctoresam at> writes:
> > should i try them then after a month of reading i discover that they
> > are - for example - not suitable for beginners OR should i ask here
> > first ? :)
> You should take on the task of educating yourself. The official Python
> docs are an excellent resource. If you're self-admittedly someone who
> gets bored quickly, though, that's not a problem anyone but you can
> solve.

Been doing Python for a week or so now and I must agree that the 
official python docs are a fantastic resource.
I'm not sure how good they would be for someone with no previous 
programming language experience but they seem to be pretty thourough, at 
least for one beginning the language.

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