Open a dialog from MainWindow - pyQT4 - Beginner :-)

Florian Wollenschein Florian.Wollenschein at
Mon May 4 19:31:38 CEST 2009

Dear folks,

I'm just working on a pyQT4 version of my txt to html converter thc (see for details).

I created the MainWindow with QT Designer and then converted it to .py 
with pyuic4. It works well so far. Then I created a new UI for my 
abtDialog (about dialog for my application). I did the same as with the 
MainWindow, so I have two UIs and two * files now. How can I open 
the dialog from my main application class?

Here's part of the code I'm using:

                 QtCore.SIGNAL("triggered()"), self.OpenAbout)
  def OpenAbout(self):

The OpenAbout function should open the dialog. I've already tried a after creating it via abtDialog = ThcAboutDialog() 
(ThcAboutDialog is the class for this dlg).

Any ideas?

Listick Lorch

PS: Keep in mind that I'm quite a beginner in the field of python and qt...

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