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Mon May 4 20:15:55 EDT 2009

Ioannis Lalopoulos wrote:
> I assume that you create the two windows through two different calls
> to Tkinter.Tk() but you cannot enter two mainloops (at least not in a
> normal way).
> If you want a second window use the Toplevel widget.
> Try the following, it does what you want:
> import Tkinter
> root = Tkinter.Tk()
> my_text = Tkinter.StringVar(root)
> another_window = Tkinter.Toplevel()
> entry = Tkinter.Entry(root, textvar=my_text)
> entry.pack()
> label = Tkinter.Label(another_window, textvar=my_text)
> label.pack()
> root.mainloop()
> In the above example, whatever you type in the entry widget in the
> root window gets reflected in the label widget which is inside the
> second window, the one that was created with Tkinter.Toplevel().
> Hope it helps,
> John
> --
Hendrik van Rooyen  mentioned the textvar too.  Thanks Hendrik

John (Ioannis);
         It took me awhile to get your template to work for me.
         People reading this!  THE ABOVE CODE WORKS JUST FINE - AS IS!!!

My needs are slightly different and it took me a bit to get python and I 
on the same track.  I still have reflexes that demand dictionary 
compliance.  Global is supposed to be Global, really, not just sort of.

Once I get past the children I seem to do OK in python.

mVar= '1234'            according to docs, this is a global
p='%6s\n' % mVar        same
...some code to do something
mVar= '4321'            updates a supposed global

                               these two don't think so
print p                 prints from both of these show the 1234,
print '%s' % p[:]       they do not reflect the updated 'global'

 >>> mVar= '1234'
 >>> mVar
 >>> p= '%s\n' % mVar
 >>> p
 >>> mVar= '4321'
 >>> mVar
 >>> print p
 >>> print '%s' % p[:]

The definitive on Toplevel was the biggest help. All I have read have 
never clearly stated its purpose. (A non-root root)

per Tkinter help:
"class Toplevel(BaseWidget, Wm)
      Toplevel widget, e.g. for dialogs.
Since I'm not doing dialogs, I quite reading and move on.

John: Thank you again.

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