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En Mon, 04 May 2009 19:14:53 -0300, Chris Rebert escribió:
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>> In a python program I ask if the user wants to continue.  If they answer
>> 'no', what options do I have to halt execution?  I can put the rest of  
>> the
>> code inside an "if bContinue:" block, but that seems awkward.  I have  
>> looked
>> at raising an exception, and perhaps this is the preferred method, but  
>> it
>> seems daunting to my non-OOP eyes.  Thanks -- Rob
> There's the C-like:
> from sys import exit
> exit(return_code)
> Or if you prefer exceptions, the standard way is:
> raise SystemExit

I prefer to put the code inside a function, and just `return` earlier.
Having a sys.exit() in the middle of a function means that it's not  
reusable; I usually have a single exit() at the end.

def do_work():
   do some work
   ask the user
   if not continue:
     return 0
   do more work
   return 0

if __name__=='__main__':
   try: sts = do_work()
   except: sts = 1, log exception

Gabriel Genellina

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