Problem with case insensitive volumes

dmoore damienlmoore at
Tue May 5 05:24:40 CEST 2009

Does anyone know of a way to get the unique pathname for files stored
on FAT32 or other case insensitive drives?

For example:


returns True

but, is there a simple way to determine whether '/media/usbkey/
file1.jpg' or '/media/usbkey/FILE1.jpg' is the actual representation
on the device.

it matters because operations like this have meaning:


If I have a program that scans a directory for files and compares
against a stored list of pathnames, I want to be able to determine not
only that the file still exists but whether or not it has changed case
(i.e. '/media/usbkey/file1.jpg' has become '/media/usbkey/FILE1.jpg').

Any takers?

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