Code works fine except...

Ross ross.jett at
Tue May 5 10:49:24 EDT 2009

On May 5, 12:32 am, John Yeung <gallium.arsen... at> wrote:
> On May 5, 1:12 am, John Yeung <gallium.arsen... at> wrote:
> > [...] the problem may require bigger guns (either much better
> > math or much more sophisticated programming).
> Yes, I'm responding to myself.
> Well, I went ahead with the approach I mentioned earlier, generating
> all possible matches and then selecting among them as needed to fill
> up the courts, trying to keep the number of matches played by each
> player as fair as possible.  (I should mention that this, or something
> similar, was suggested earlier by someone else in a different thread,
> in response to the same question by the same OP.)
> I did use "bigger guns" (mainly a class for player objects, with
> custom __cmp__ method), but still didn't do anything with doubles.
> I haven't tested it much, but I'll post it if anyone's interested.
> (That way people can pick on me instead of the OP. ;)
> John

I'm interested to see what you did. From your description, it sounds
like I've tried what you've done, but when I implemented my version,
it took minutes to evaluate for bigger numbers. If that isn't the case
with yours, I'd be interested in seeing your implementation.

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