Completion of The Python Papers Volume 4 Issue 1

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Wed May 6 12:12:35 EDT 2009

My apologies.

It should be Volume 4 Issue 1 instead of Issue 4 Volume 1.

Thank you Scott for pointing this out.


On May 6, 10:08 pm, "mauricel... at" <mauricel... at>
> Welcome to Issue 4 Volume 1 of The Python Papers. This marks our 4th
> year in business. It is my pleasure to announce 4 improvements made to
> The Python Papers Anthology.
> Firstly, we had created a class of editorial members in our team – the
> Editorial Reviewers (ER). This is in addition to the existing Editors-
> in-Chief (EIC) and Associate Editors (AE). In the words of our revised
> editorial policy, “ER is a tier of editors deemed to have in-depth
> expertise knowledge in specialized areas. As members of the editorial
> board, ERs are accorded editorial status but are generally not
> involved in the strategic and routine operations of the periodicals
> although their
> expert opinions may be sought at the discretion of EIC.” To this
> aspect, we are glad to have Jacob Kaplan-Moss (President, Django
> Software Foundation; Partner, Revolution Systems, LLC; Co-BDFL,
> Django) as our first ER. Welcome aboard.
> Secondly, we had adopted a fast publication scheme. In the past,
> accepted manuscripts will only be published on the release date in the
> month of April, August and December each year. With the use of Open
> Journal System, we are able to publish manuscripts as they are being
> accepted. This means that the release date in the month of April,
> August and December is now effectively our closing date for the issue.
> For example, manuscripts accepted after April 2009 will be routed to
> immediate publication in Volume 4 Issue 2. This is to being
> information faster to our readers, rather than waiting for a few
> months.
> Thirdly, we announce a set of manuscript templates for our authors and
> contributors for their manuscript preparation. As such, we had
> revamped our website ( to reflect these
> changes.
> Lastly, we are glad to announce the launch of our 2nd publication
> under The Python Papers Anthology – The Python Papers Source Codes
> (ISSN 1836-621X). TPPSC, for short, is a collection of software and
> source codes, usually associated with papers published in The Python
> Papers and The Python Papers Monograph. These codes are refereed for
> originality, accuracy, completeness, and lasting value. TPPSC will
> act as a developers codebook of high-quality, peer-reviewed codes.
> TPPSC is an annual publication using the same fast publication scheme.
> We thank all our readers and contributors for their continued support.
> Happy reading.
> Maurice Ling

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