Copy & Paste in a Dos box (was: Pyhton script to call another program)

Dave Angel davea at
Wed May 6 22:29:23 CEST 2009

Tim Chase wrote:
> <div class="moz-text-flowed" style="font-family: -moz-fixed">> for 
> windows this works:
>> (can't cut and paste from a dos box!###%*&!!!)
> Depending on how it was spawned, you can either right-click in the 
> window and choose Mark/Paste (when marking, use <enter> to terminate 
> the selection; and selections are blockwise rectangular rather than 
> linewise or characterwise).  Alternatively, if you click on the system 
> menu (the icon in the title-bar with 
> resize/minimize/maximize/close/help), there should be an Edit submenu 
> with the same options within.
> A pain, but at least feasible.
> HTH,
> -tkc
Note that if you like copy/paste, you can turn on "Quick Edit" mode in 
your cmd.exe windows.  From that same System menu on your DOS box, 
choose "Defaults".  From the first tab that box, enable "Quick Edit" 
checkbox.   This will change the default for subsequent DOS boxes.  You 
can change it just for the current one by using Properties in the same 
system menu.

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