Python 2.6 worth the hassle?

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Thu May 7 00:52:22 CEST 2009

Evan Kroske wrote:
> I'm planning on learning Python, and I'd like to know which version to 
> start with. I know that Python 3.0 isn't ready for production and it 

3.1 will be. The first beta will be out very soon and 3.1 in less than 2 

> doesn't have enough libraries yet,

That will take longer.  I hope the improvement in 3.1 will inspire more 

> so I thought I should learn Python 2.6. Unfortunately, installing Python 2.6 on my Linux distro (Ubuntu 
> Intrepid Ibex) has given me lots of complicated problems I really don't 
> want to deal with.
> My essential question is "Is Python 2.6 similar enough to Python 3.0 to 
> justify its complexity of installation?" Upgrading to Jaunty is NOT an 
> option 
> ( 

You could use 2.5 and write with an eye to the future.  Use 'object' or 
some derivative thereof as a base for all your classes.  Never use cmp() 
or .__cmp__().  Don't use string exceptions.  Look in 3.0 What's new for 
anything else to avoid.


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