Copy & Paste in a Dos box

norseman norseman at
Thu May 7 01:02:06 CEST 2009

Shawn Milochik wrote:
> On Wed, May 6, 2009 at 1:54 PM, Tim Chase <python.list at> wrote:
>>> for windows this works:
>>> (can't cut and paste from a dos box!###%*&!!!)
>> Depending on how it was spawned, you can either right-click in the window
>> and choose Mark/Paste (when marking, use <enter> to terminate the selection;
>> and selections are blockwise rectangular rather than linewise or
>> characterwise).  Alternatively, if you click on the system menu (the icon in
>> the title-bar with resize/minimize/maximize/close/help), there should be an
>> Edit submenu with the same options within.
>> A pain, but at least feasible.
> <snip>
> I know I'm coming to the conversation late, but here's what I do*:
> 1. Use Cygwin. (
> 2. Use PuttyCYG (
> That way, you can basically use PuTTY to shell into your Windows box.
> Note: If you are familiar with the Linux command line, you will be in
> love with this solution. If you're a Windows-only type, then be
> forewarned that doing this will require you to type Unix/Linux
> commands (for the most part) instead of DOS commands.
> *Disclaimer: I use a Mac and Linux. This is my workaround when forced
> to use Windows. Your environment preferences may vary.
> --

Nope and no thanks.

I'm talking about a Dos Box on Win XP Pro
For Tim - I get junk from somewhere else in the system.
I recognize it from hours and many open/close boxes ago, but it's not 
what I 'swiped".

For Shawn - why would I want to run synthesizers? Or any other ...
(There is nothing wrong with Cygwin, just not on everybody's system.
Didn't come with the package.)

I write in Linux and test on other peoples Window$
                                              Thunderbird did not mark 
that as a miss spelling?!!!  Three cheers for them!

Objective - stick with out of the box to get way less install problems.


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