Copy & Paste in a Dos box

norseman norseman at
Thu May 7 01:28:34 CEST 2009

Dave Angel wrote:
> Tim Chase wrote:
>> <div class="moz-text-flowed" style="font-family: -moz-fixed">> for 
>> windows this works:
>>> (can't cut and paste from a dos box!###%*&!!!)
>> Depending on how it was spawned, you can either right-click in the 
>> window and choose Mark/Paste (when marking, use <enter> to terminate 
>> the selection; and selections are blockwise rectangular rather than 
>> linewise or characterwise).  Alternatively, if you click on the system 
>> menu (the icon in the title-bar with 
>> resize/minimize/maximize/close/help), there should be an Edit submenu 
>> with the same options within.
>> A pain, but at least feasible.
>> HTH,
>> -tkc
> Note that if you like copy/paste, you can turn on "Quick Edit" mode in 
> your cmd.exe windows.  From that same System menu on your DOS box, 
> choose "Defaults".  From the first tab that box, enable "Quick Edit" 
> checkbox.   This will change the default for subsequent DOS boxes.  You 
> can change it just for the current one by using Properties in the same 
> system menu.
> -- 

HuMMMMMM - Dave's use of cmd.exe as different from Dos Box points out a 
miss name on my part. I should have said cmd.exe originally.

Yes - I use dosemu on Linux Slackware 10.2 with enlightenment 16.2 and 
swipe/paste works as it should. (Of course gpm is loaded. That's a must. :)

I have been cutting back. Used to have 6 keyboards going at once. (well 
in packet passing mode shall we say? When computers were slower. :) 
Down to two close by and two across the way. One Solaris, two Linux, one 
Win XP.  Gotta keep the Win machine nearby. It needs its daily crash. I 
have learned to stick to 'stock' setups or pay a heavy price at "show time".

I tried the settings again just now.
I did both Properties and Default and made sure they were set the same.
I did the --- for icon --- and killed the open box and clicked the icon 
and swiped and pasted to wordpad.  IT FINALLY WORKED!!!

Hadn't intended to start such a rash of dialog, but I benefited too!

Thanks guys!!!


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