Which python version do I use with "virtualenv"?

Ant antroy at gmail.com
Thu May 7 11:20:03 CEST 2009

On May 7, 8:03 am, OldGrantonian <OldGranton... at googlemail.com> wrote:
> I had Python 2.6 on my laptop.
> I needed "easyinstall" to install virtualenv. During installation of
> easyinstall, I got the message "Python 2.5 not found"
> So I installed Python 2.5, then installed virtualenv
> So I now have c:\Python 2.5 and c:\Python 2.6

Sounds like you've downloaded the Python 2.5 version of Easy Install.
If I were you I'd uninstall Python 2.5, and re-install easy_install
using the correct exe for Python 2.6.

Check that typing 'python' on the commandline still works, as
installing and uninstalling 2.5 may have messed up your path. if it
has, either manually add the Python install directory to the path, or
reinstall Python 2.6.

Note: have you changed the default install folder? I haven't got
Vista, but on XP it installs to c:\Python26 not "C:\Python 2.6". I'd
be carefull of changing the default install directory of Python,
particularly if you are "non-techy" as some packages installers may
look for Python in the default location.


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