Wing vs Netbeans IDE?

Benjamin J. Racine bjracine at
Thu May 7 19:49:04 CEST 2009

I'd love to see an updated shootout between these three, as I cannot for the life of me seem to be able to settle down with one of them.

Things I don't like: 
Wing's lack of integrated mercurial/svn support.
The clunkiness and scattered plugin approach of Eclipse (the latter is relavent when starting work on new machines all the time).
Netbeans project browser doesn't show class or functions inside the files.
Netbeans autocompletion doesn't seem immediately impressive.

Wing has mentioned future support of svn,git,bazaar,mercurial,etc in the future.
QT designer is integrated with Eclipse.  So is Photran, which is convenient for some of science types.
It seems that there are reasons to be optimistic about the future of netbeans.  It seems to be well put together so far, but the least mature.

I know that this comes up time and again, but I think a feature-specific debate over these might be worth revisiting for a lot of newcomers.

Ben Racine 

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