What would YOU like to see in a txt to html converter?

Florian Wollenschein Florian.Wollenschein at FernUni-Hagen.de
Thu May 7 20:33:56 CEST 2009

Will Wang wrote:
>>>>>> "Florian" == Florian Wollenschein <Florian.Wollenschein at FernUni-Hagen.de> writes:
>     Florian> As you might have mentioned I'm just working on a txt to html converter called
>     Florian> "thc". This project is intended for me to learn Python and now pyQT4 to which I
>     Florian> changed a few days ago (started with Tkinter).
>     Florian> I have implemented the following features so far:
>     Florian> - Giving a title for the html
>     Florian> - Choose whether it's Transitional or Strict Doctype
>     Florian> - Select a background color
>     Florian> - Show the converted file with the standard browser
>     Florian> - Working on a font size slider
>     Florian> I don't really know if this is of any use for anybody but it's just a fun
>     Florian> project by a beginner :-)
>     Florian> Now I'd like to know what kind of features you'd like to see in version 0.3 of
>     Florian> thc!?
>     Florian> Please post them...
>     Florian> Have fun!
>     Florian> Listick
>     Florian> http://www.lictick.org
> You could learn something from emacs-muse. That plugin can help emacs to
> convert txt to html, tex, pdf, docbook and some other document format.
> In emacs-muse, the title and subtitle is defined like this:
> *emphasis*
> **strong emphasis**
> ***very strong emphasis***
> _underlined_
> =verbatim and monospace=
> emacs-muse : http://mwolson.org/projects/EmacsMuse.html

Thank you for this information. I already thought of using dots or 
asterisks or whatever to let the user format the text instead of using 
html tags (this would be quite paradox ;-)

Please keep on posting ideas...

Thanks again,

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