Dave Angel davea at
Fri May 8 02:32:48 CEST 2009

cripplemeal at wrote:
> I am following this tutorial on python, and it has instructed me to
> download pygame. I am not sure it works with the new version of python
> I am using,
and what version would that be?  What release, and what platform?  print 
sys.version and include the output in your next message.
>  as the last version it states on the tutorial is 2.6.
> It is telling me the module 

what module?  Copy & paste the error message into your query, and you're 
likely to get useful response.  Also copy & paste the command you're 
issuing to cause this error message.
> does not exist after I download, 

Then your download manager is complaining about a missing module?
> and I
> even tried placing it in the python folder, 
which "python folder".   Be specific.  Do you mean the folder that 
contains Python.exe? And just what are you "placing" there?
> but it still came up with
> a problem.
A new problem?  Be specific.
> Any way to fix it, or do I try something else?
Wild guess - maybe it's complaining about a missing SDL module.  PyGame 
is dependent on SDL, as far as I can tell.

Also, see    If you're on Windows, 
PyGame has different versions for different versions of Python.  This 
page recommends Python 2.5.4.  And there isn't a version for Python 3.0

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