Which one is best Python or Java for developing GUI applications?

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    When a lot of code using wxwidgets is in place, it's sure that
    moving to qt is a big task ; even though, thanks to qt's GUI
    designer, it's possible to quickly reproduce the structure of the
    wxwidget application with QT widgets.

    If you want to see the power of Qt, I highly advice you to browse
    the very nice "demos" included in both the Qt and PyQt packages -
    those are Gui applications that let you watch all kind of abilities
    very fastly.
    Also, something that wxwidgets will surely never be able to do :

    The 2 products (and the Gui designer, docs and demos) can be
    downloaded from these pages :

    And if you have some time for reading :

    Good time with all that,

    Qijing Li a écrit :
>     Thank you for sharing this information.
>     I started to use wxPython two years ago,  which fit my needy very
>     well because
>     the jobs I worked on didn't focus on GUI. But now , the project I
>     am working on
>     involves much drawing shapes and looking, most of wxPython works
>     for me,
>     but one thing, as you mentioned, transparency drove me nuts.
>      wxPython suppose transparent window, but not transparent
>     background that is right what I need. I did research a lot and was
>     trying to find a proper way to get it, it turns out that I found
>     two tricky way, one is to use wx.EVT_ERASE_BACKGROUND tricky, the
>     other is to copy the image of background under the window as the
>     background image. Although the problem is solved, I feel
>     uncomfortable  about this.
>     I hope wxPython supports  real transparency some day.
>     Recently, I have no plan to transmit to other frameworks, such as
>     PyQt.
>     I'm really interested in what is differences between them,  I'll
>     check it.
>     Is there demo of PyQt ? or could you give me some links if they
>     are in the bag.
>     Have a good day!
>     Miles
>     On Tue, May 5, 2009 at 11:42 AM, Pascal Chambon
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>         The fact that Python is a dynamic language offers, in my
>         opinion, a huge advantage to quickly setup a GUI, without
>         caring about the infinite details of the variable types and
>         function signatures.
>         Its good handling of "function as first-class objects" is also
>         precious when comes the time of setting callbacks (I can't
>         bear anymore the way Swing does it, with interfaces etc.)
>         But much depends on the framework used, too. I've used
>         wxPython for a multimedia project, and actually it lacked a
>         lot of necessary features (transparency, event loop tuning,
>         multithreading support...), but that was 1 year ago, maybe
>         things have changed.
>         Anyway, I'd advocate the use of PyQt, which really offers
>         tremendous possibilities - if your application isn't a simple
>         office application, its' really worth turning towards pyqt.
>         Regards,
>         Pascal
>         Leon a écrit :
>>         I think there are two advantages over java for GUI application
>>         First, python is more productive and has very rich third modules
>>         support,
>>         you can check the demo of wxPython.
>>         Second, you can develop native-looking GUI
>>         BTW: I'm developing GUI application using python and wxPython.
>>         Second,
>>         On May 4, 11:41 pm, srinivasan srinivas <sri_anna... at yahoo.co.in> <mailto:sri_anna... at yahoo.co.in>
>>         wrote:
>>>         Could you tell me does Python have any advantages over Java for the development of GUI applications?
>>>         Thanks,
>>>         Srini
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