Complete frustration

hellcats ericgparker at
Fri May 8 22:45:11 CEST 2009

I have Python2.5 installed on Windows XP. Whenever I double click on a
something.pyw file, IDLE launches and opens something.pyw in the
editor. I would prefer to actually *RUN* the program, not edit it. If
I want to edit it then I'll choose the "Edit with IDLE" context menu.
So I then have to press F5 to get the program to execute. Now I have
my program's windows along with two IDLE windows cluttering my screen
and task bar. WHAT IS GOING ON? I've tried changing the file
association to python.exe, and that works, but just ONCE (even if I
choose "always use the slected program to launch this kind of file").
IDLE may be great and all, but I fricken' don't want to see it every
time I just want to run a python program!!!!!

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