Complete frustration

hellcats ericgparker at
Fri May 8 18:08:16 EDT 2009

On May 8, 4:18 pm, Emile van Sebille <em... at> wrote:
> On 5/8/2009 1:45 PM hellcats said...> I have Python2.5 installed on Windows XP. Whenever I double click on a
> > something.pyw file, IDLE launches and opens something.pyw in the
> > editor. I would prefer to actually *RUN* the program, not edit it. If
> > I want to edit it then I'll choose the "Edit with IDLE" context menu.
> > So I then have to press F5 to get the program to execute. Now I have
> > my program's windows along with two IDLE windows cluttering my screen
> > and task bar. WHAT IS GOING ON? I've tried changing the file
> > association to python.exe, and that works, but just ONCE (even if I
> > choose "always use the slected program to launch this kind of file").
> > IDLE may be great and all, but I fricken' don't want to see it every
> > time I just want to run a python program!!!!!
> > --
> >
> This is a windows question -- you'll need to reassign the default
> association of PYW files.  Look in explorer|tools|folder options.
> Emile

I know that. I've tried reassigning it from pythonw.exe to python.exe,
and like I said, it will work for one invocation. But it seems to
revert back the next time I double click. But also, what is wrong with
it being pythonw.exe? Why does pythonw.exe open up IDLE?

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