I'm intrigued that Python has some functional constructions in the language.

Stephen Hansen apt.shansen at gmail.com
Fri May 8 23:05:10 EDT 2009

> Python also has higher-order functions like that, but their use is
> disfavored in certain circles.  With Python 3, there has actually been
> movement towards removing them from the language.

... Buh? Reduce was moved to functools, map and filter weren't touched;
there was some discussion before Python 3 was released to remove them in
favor of new Python tools(comprehensions, itertools, and whatever else), but
they decided not to. You can't call that movement; they're now here to stay.
Maybe when Python 4000 comes around Guido might consider it again and not
get talked out of it this that time-- but there's no way that they're going
to be deprecated or removed in the next ten years at this point. It'd be
code-breakage on a massive scale.

Some people don't like them. But there's quite a few Pythoniacs who do and
use them to great effect. Don't make it sound like they're some dangerous
thing which has a looming deprecation over its head so it shouldn't be
bothered with.

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