About twisted.mail.smtp.SMTPDeliveryError

Aahz aahz at pythoncraft.com
Sun May 10 02:09:48 CEST 2009

In article <8bb91b91-c00d-48d1-8b64-6f4765754e1c at d19g2000prh.googlegroups.com>,
gganesh  <ganesh.gbg at gmail.com> wrote:
>MAILSERVER = 'mail.xxx.com'
>done = sendmail(MAILSERVER, FROM, listTo,
>MSGBODY ,senderDomainName=None, port=25)
>"Failure: twisted.mail.smtp.SMTPDeliveryError: 554 No recipients
>"Relay access denied" errors
>Is this error is because, i haven't authenticated my email account to
>send mail.  Is so , having username and password of smpt server ,how to
>authenticate in Twisted Framework

Are you doing this from your local machine?  If yes, you probably need to
use your ISP's SMTP server; blocking non-local access is one technique
for keeping zombied machines from spewing malware.
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