Help needed with filenames

Yinon Ehrlich at
Sun May 10 04:19:29 EDT 2009

> I did notice that when a windows command window does a directory
> listing of these files the characters seem to be translated into close
> approximations (long dash to minus, special double quotes to simple
> double quotes, but still retains many of the accent chars).  I looked
> at translate to do this but did not know how to determine which
> characters to map.
> Can anyone tell me what I should be doing here?


Seems like your problem is just with the correct representation of
those characters in Windows command-line.
I have seen two solutions for that:
* Right-click on the top bar of the the command-line window, go to
"properties--> Font", select a font that shows all characters
* Even better: use - much
better that Windows' default console.

Good luck,

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