mod_python and xml.dom.minidom

Graham Dumpleton Graham.Dumpleton at
Sun May 10 19:11:09 EDT 2009

On May 10, 3:40 am, Paul Boddie <p... at> wrote:
> On 9 Mai, 01:36, dpapathanasiou <denis.papathanas... at> wrote:
> > Apache's configure utility (I'm using httpd version 2.2.11) doesn't
> > explicitly describe an expat library option.
> > Also, if libexpat is version 1.95.2, wouldn't I have to get version
> > 2.0 to be compatible with pyexpat?
> The aim would be to persuade Apache to configure itself against the
> same Expat library that pyexpat is using, which would involve the
> headers and libraries referenced during the pyexpat configuration
> process, although I seem to recall something about pyexpat bundling
> its own version of Expat - that would complicate matters somewhat.
> > If anyone has any advice or suggestions, I'd appreciate hearing them.
> Expat might be getting brought into Apache via mod_dav:
> Perhaps disabling mod_dav when configuring Apache might drop Expat
> from Apache's library dependencies.

The OP was using Python 2.5, so shouldn't be an issue because pyexpat
properly name space prefixes its version of expat. See:

where explicitly says that only applies to Python prior to Python 2.5.

His problem is therefore likely to be something completely different.


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