Learning C++ for Python Development

Gerhard Häring gh at ghaering.de
Mon May 11 05:11:46 EDT 2009

joshua.pearce at gmail.com wrote:
> I am a recovering C# web developer who has recently picked up Django
> and I'm loving it.
> I would eventually like to get a job as a Django/Python developer. It
> seems that many Python jobs require that you also be a C++ developer.

I've seen the C++/Python combination in job descriptions, too. ISTM that
these are about systems that are written in C++ and then scripted in
Python. For speeding up Python applications.

> While I want to remain primarily a web developer, I don't want be
> stuck doing CRUD applications, so I would like to learn C++ for Python
> development. 

In the web development field, the probability for doing custom C/C++
development is very low in my experience.

> I have taken two basic programming courses in straight up
> C++, no STL, Boost or anything like that, but I do have a very basic
> knowledge of the language.

Learning progamming languages never hurts, but I'd recommend you learn C
instead, perhaps by using the Python C API (writing small extension

There are not so many Python extensions written in C++, most are written
in C. C++ usually doesn't buy you enough to warrant using it instead of
C here.

So my advice: go with C. Or learn something more relevant to web
programming. Like improve your JavaScript skills ;-)

> [...]

-- Gerhard

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