mod_python and xml.dom.minidom

dpapathanasiou denis.papathanasiou at
Mon May 11 11:59:20 EDT 2009

For the record, and in case anyone else runs into this particular
problem, here's how resolved it.

My original was written this way:

from xml.dom import minidom

def parse_item_attribute (item, attribute_name):
    item_doc = minidom.parseString(item)

That version worked under the python interpreter, but failed under
both mod_python and mod_wsgi apache modules with an error ("Parent
module 'xml.dom' not loaded").

I found that changing the import statement and the minidom reference
within the function resolved the problem.

I.e., after rewriting this way, it works under both
apache modules as well as in the python interpreter:

import xml.dom.minidom

def parse_item_attribute (item, attribute_name):
    item_doc = xml.dom.minidom.parseString(item)

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