Is there a GUI for informing a user of missing dependencies?

Javier Collado javier.collado at
Tue May 12 06:52:00 EDT 2009


I'm not an expert, but if you use setuptools for your application,
then a 'install_requires' argument would do the job. For more
information, please take a look at:

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2009/5/12 Jason <jason.heeris at>:
> I'm writing a small GUI (Python 2.5/6) using wxPython and pySerial.
> Since these are both 3rd party modules, if a user doesn't have them
> installed and tries to run the GUI from a file browser, the app will
> fail silently. I'm hoping to avoid that.
> Sure, I'll have a readme file, but I was wondering if there is an even
> more direct way. I was going to roll my own (eg. very simple Tkinter
> fallback error dialog if wxPython import fails, wxPython error dialog
> if anything else is missing); but I was wondering if such a system
> already exists out there.
> — Jason
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