ANNOUNCE: libmsgque 3.1

Andreas Otto aotto1968 at
Tue May 12 13:08:28 CEST 2009

ANNOUNCE a major feature improvement of libmsgque ...

What is LibMsgque

LibMsgque is an OS independent, Programming Language independent and
Hardware independent solution to link applications together to act like a
single application. Or with other words, LibMsgque is an Application-Server

Highlights of the current Release:

This release introduce a couple of highlights into the LibMsgque World
including the Python 3.01 support and a brand new Tcl/Java interface

As bonus an C/Tcl/Java/Python performance test was added using the
following conditions:

  1. same basic native library -> libmsgque (written in C)
  2. same user -> me
  3. same performance management tool
  4. same code workflow using the native language interface
        to link libmsgque with a language specific service
  5. testing the following aspects:
        a) application startup/shutdown performance
        b) synchronous and asynchronous transaction performance
        c) spawn, fork and thread process creation performance

  -> results:


Add Python 3.01 support
  This is the next step to provide an OS and programming language
  independent solution

New Tcl and Java Library binding
  Now Tcl, Java and Python using the same function namespace
  to improve the cross language code readability

C library improvement including better error checking support
  Add more error-case checking

Add new test hardware, apple iBook (ppc) running Debian 5
  Put my old iBook back to live

Re-Add big/little endian support
  Now be able to test endianness

Improve 32Bit/64Bit support
  Code Cleanup

Add new documentation
  Entire new documentation and examples were added

The Web-Site was updated:


  For a fast introduction use the following URL:



  Andreas Otto

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