Proposal to Add New Method to List Object: Mutable Sequence Types

VenkataRamaKrishna Boddu bvrkchowdary at
Wed May 13 10:55:51 CEST 2009

Hi All,

This is my first mail to python-list.

I just want to propose the idea of introducing a new method for the List Object in similar lines of Dictionary Object has_key method.

See my below code, It always produces the ValueError, if I want to check whether an item is present or not, then they is no method in the List Object (do a "dir(list)").

So., Is it not good, to have a method in List Object, may be something like has_item to check whether a item is present or not?

#============== CODE ==============================
partsOfMyName = ['Python', 'Perl', 'PHP', 'MySQL'];
## strSearchKey = 'Perl';
strSearchKey = 'Prl';

indexofKey = partsOfMyName.index(strSearchKey);
print 'Index of search key: %s:  %d'%(strSearchKey, indexofKey);

Venkata Rama Krishna Boddu

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