Odd list behavior

norseman norseman at hughes.net
Thu May 14 00:08:26 CEST 2009

Evan Kroske wrote:
> I'm working on a simple file processing utility, and I encountered a 
> weird error. If I try to get the first element of a list I'm splitting 
> from a string, I get an error:
> key = string.split()[0]
> Error!
> However, I can slice the list like normal, but that gives me a 
> one-element-long list:
> key = string.split()[:1]
> Success!
> Finally, the operation works perfectly if I initialize the list beforehand:
> list = string.split()
> key = list[0]
> Success!
> Why does this happen?
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Take a look at the  split() command.

I think you will find you need one var on the left side for each piece 
on the right.

a="x y"
b,c= a.split()



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