Can't run PyQt apps with MacPython

David Boddie david at
Wed May 13 19:29:01 EDT 2009

On Wednesday 13 May 2009 17:53, Morad wrote:

> I recently got a new MacBook Pro with Leopard, and would like to
> develop using Python and PyQt. I installed the latest Qt SDK, updated
> MacPython to V 2.5.4 and then proceeded to install SIP and PyQt as
> described in Mark Summerfield's book on PyQt Programming. Everything
> went fine and none of the scripts complained. However when I want to
> run a demo app, I get the error message "Fatal Python error:
> Interpreter not initialized (version mismatch?) / Abort Trap". Anybody
> can help?

This page suggests a possible conflict between installed Python

A post to the PyQt mailing list talks about the correct way to build from
source, but it may not be relevant in this case:

It may just be worth checking that SIP and PyQt were built and installed
for the interpreter you expected. Failing that, you might want to ask this
again on the PyQt mailing list:


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