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Shailja Gulati shailja.gulati at tcs.com
Thu May 14 04:49:58 EDT 2009

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Please reply to the list: I'm not the only person
who can help, and I might not have the time even
if I can.

Shailja Gulati wrote:
> I have installed win32com but still not able to run tht code as its 
> error 
>   File "readDocPython.py", line 1, in ?
>     import win32com.client
>   File "C:\pywin32-212\com\win32com\__init__.py", line 5, in ?
>     import win32api, sys, os
> ImportError: No module named win32api

 > i have even installed win32api.dll in Sytsem folder but
 >  still can't do t.Any further help??

I don't know how you've installed it, but I really don't expect
to see it in c:\pywin32-212.... Download *and run* the
.exe installer, from here, choosing the one which corresponds
to your Python installation?

Sorry about mailing u Tim.It just happened by mistake.

Reg win32api , i m still facing the same problem of Import error...Could 
anyone pls help?? m stuck


Don't try to download the source -- the zip -- and add it to 
sys.path, which is the only thing I can imagine you've done there.


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