introspection question: get return type

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Thu May 14 17:51:25 EDT 2009

Aahz wrote:
> In article <4a0c6e42$0$12031$426a74cc at>,
> Bruno Desthuilliers  <bdesth.quelquechose at> wrote:
>> Marco Mariani a �crit :
>>> Bruno Desthuilliers wrote:
>>>> Oh, you meant the "return type" ? Nope, no way. It just doesn't make 
>>>> sense given Python's dynamic typing.
>>> Unless he's really trying to write in Nohtyp,
>> You meant "Notype" ?-)
> Marco's spelling is correct.

Right. Nohtyp is an abbreviation for Noh-type, which is very traditionalist.

> Try "Nohtyp".reverse()

which give us the anti-traditionalist (Monty) Python style of play.


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