File System Redirection Windows x 64 box.

Rohit Srivastava er.srivastavarohit at
Fri May 15 04:26:09 EDT 2009

On May 15, 12:05 pm, Rohit Srivastava <er.srivastavaro... at>
> Hi,
> In Windows 2003 x64, I want to call iscsicli.exe which is there only
> in system32 directory.
> Now since in x64 system windows actually redirect the 32 bit
> application to sysWOW64 directory, if it is looking for system32. For
> more information look for
> <>
> Now my application is being redirected to this directory and from
> python I am always getting an error saying, The program can not find
> the file specified.
> Any idea, how  can I overcome this, using python? (Condition :: I must
> complie for 32 bit system only)
> Thanks in Advance
> Regards
> Rohit

Apologies for the last statement in the previous post.
Please read it as (I need to comply with 32 bit Windows system also).


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