Finding location of an executable in a windows machine?

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Fri May 15 15:59:35 EDT 2009

nonsense at wrote:
> My python script calls another windows program file. I have the path
> to that program hardcoded in it. Is there a way for python to
> automatically find the path to this program?
> testapp_path = "C:\\Program Files\\testapp\\version\\61\\"
> Or do i have to do a brute force approach to searching all drives/
> folders till it finds a path matching my program name?

Program Files directories are usually not part of the PATH environment 
variable.  A main program in Program Files is generally started by 
clicking on: an icon that points to it, an entry in Start Menu, its 
directory listing in Explorer, or a file whose extension is associated 
with it.  A subsidiary program is started by a main program that knows 
where is it in relation to the main program.

If a program is registered when installed, then there will be a registry 
key that is the same for all installations that points to its 
installation-specific location.  Python on Windows comes with a winreg 
module for accessing the registry.  You just need to find the key, 
possibly using the regedit utility and its search function.

Terry Jan Reedy

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