How do i generate a tuple from a generator ?

eye zak eye.zak.devel at
Fri May 15 22:58:55 CEST 2009


I have a situation where i want a tuple from a generator/sequence
I am wondering, is this possible ? or is this just a bad idea all together?

class iterator(object):
    __slots__ = ('__iters',)

    def __init__(self,*args):
        assert len(args) != 0
        self.__iters = tuple( __builtins__.iter(arg) for arg in args )

    def __iter__(self,*args):
        return self

    def next(self):
        return [ for i in self.__iters ]    # HERE I WANT A TUPLE

This can also be accomplished with a generator function, but requires
while True loop. is that better ?


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