How to get Exif data from a jpeg file

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Sat May 16 16:02:13 EDT 2009

> I need to get the creation date from a jpeg file in Python.  Googling
> brought up a several references to apparently defunct modules.  The best
> way I have been able to find so far is something like this:
> from PIL import Image
> img ='img.jpg')
> exif_data = img._getexif()
> creation_date = exif_data[36867]
> Where 36867 is the exif tag for the creation date data (which I found by
> ooking at PIL.ExifTags.TAGS).  But this doesn't even seem to be
> documented in the PIL docs.  Is there a more natural way to do this?

Have you tried ?


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