Seeking old post on developers who like IDEs vs developers who like simple languages

Steve Ferg steve.ferg.bitbucket at
Sun May 17 15:44:31 EDT 2009

A few years ago someone, somewhere on the Web, posted a blog in which
he observed that developers, by general temperament, seem to fall into
two groups.

On the one hand, there are developers who love big IDEs with lots of
features (code generation, error checking, etc.), and rely on them to
provide the high level of support needed to be reasonably productive
in heavy-weight languages (e.g. Java).

On the other hand there are developers who much prefer to keep things
light-weight and simple.  They like clean high-level languages (e.g.
Python) which are compact enough that you can keep the whole language
in your head, and require only a good text editor to be used

The author wasn't saying that one was better than the other: only that
there seemed to be this recognizable difference in preferences.

I periodically think of that blog, usually in circumstances that make
me also think "Boy, that guy really got it right".  But despite
repeated and prolonged bouts of googling I haven't been able to find
the article again.  I must be using the wrong search terms or

Does anybody have a link to this article?

Thanks VERY MUCH in advance,
-- Steve Ferg

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