Conceptual flaw in pxdom?

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon May 18 04:41:10 EDT 2009

On 18 Mai, 08:54, Stefan Behnel <stefan... at> wrote:
> Emanuele D'Arrigo wrote:
> > I'm looking at pxdom and in particular at its foundation class
> > DOMObject
> I didn't know pxdom, but looking at it now I can see that it hasn't been
> updated since 2006. Not sure if that means that it is complete or that it
> has been abandoned.

Maybe the developer is mostly satisfied with it.

> Anyway, seeing that it only provides DOM compliance, without anything
> further like XPath or whatever, and that it doesn't focus on performance in
> any way, you might still be better off with ElementTree, which is in the
> stdlib since Python 2.5 (and available for Py2.2+).

To put the inquirer's remarks in context, I suggested that he look at
pxdom specifically as a replacement for minidom and in response to the
following statement: "I've used etree and lxml successfully before but
I wanted to understand how close I can get to the W3C DOM standards."
Maybe you missed that thread, but here's a link to it:


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