How can i use Spread Sheet as Data Store

John Machin sjmachin at
Mon May 18 11:26:54 EDT 2009

Kalyan Chakravarthy <kalyanchakravarthy <at>> writes:

> Hi All,             I have data in Spread Sheet ( First Name and Last Name),
how can i see  this data  in Python code ( how can i use Spread Sheet as Data
Store ) . -- RegardsKalyan

Hi Kalyan,

A few questions ... the answers might help us help you better:

What type of spreadsheet do you have:
.ods (produced by's calc)?
.xls (MS Excel 2003)?
.xlsx (MS Excel 2007)?
something else?

Do you want to update the spreadsheet using Python, or will that be done
manually? How many rows of data are you likely to have?

What version of Python do you plan to use?

What OS are you using?


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