The ultimate in voice-powered scripting in Windows... need help

John Doe jdoe at usenetlove.invalid
Mon May 18 19:23:24 CEST 2009

The help I need probably requires a Python programmer to become 
familiar with the project. I cannot tell exactly how much syntax versus 
logic is involved. But if you have ever had any interest in 
voice/speech activated system wide scripting in Windows, this Dragonfly 
is the tool. The upcoming big difference in speech powered scripting 
included in Dragonfly is the advent of continuous command recognition 
also known as "command sequences". Now a user will be able to make a 
vocabulary of words, and string them together in any order to make 
phrases, for computer command and control that is similar to a human 


I need a comprehensive example command module for Dragonfly.

Apparently, continuous command recognition (command sequences) do not 
work outside of the ( command module file.

I could use the help of some Dragonfly interested Python programmer who 
will include a program/window specific script inside of ( 
as an example that I can duplicate inside of that same file for other 
window specific scripts.

My goal is to enable hacker-accessible global and window specific 
scripting for Dragon Naturally Speaking, taking advantage of 
Dragonfly's ability to do continuous command recognition and including 
all of Dragonfly's basic scripting functions (as apparently does). So far, I have figured out how to do most of it, 
with that important exception.


By the way. My gung-ho interest in Dragonfly is strictly personal. I 
shill for no one.

Interested in making Windows and games obey your verbal commands? 
Continuous command recognition (much easier than speech recognition) 
can now be enabled using Naturally Speaking and freeware Dragonfly. 
See (comp.lang.beta) for discussion.

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