Which C compiler?

Jive Dadson notontheweb at noisp.com
Mon May 18 16:27:40 EDT 2009

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> Jive Dadson wrote:
>> I am using Python 2.4.  I need to make a native Python extension for
>> Windows XP.  I have both VC++ 6.0 and Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition.
>> Will VC++ 6.0 do the trick?  That would be easier for me, because the
>> project is written for that one.  If not, will the 2005 compiler do it?
> In general, to build extension modules, you need to use the same VC
> version as the one that was used to build Python. For 2.4, that would
> be Visual Studio 2003. So if you use VC 6, VS 2005, or VS 2008, you
> may run into problems.
> Depending on what exactly the extension module does, it might work
> fine also.
> Regards,
> Martin

Thanks.  I think I might just use some variety of Popen instead.  I 
don't need much communication between the C++ application and Python, 
and it's not time-critical.  I cannot get flush() to work on the Python 
side of the pipe however I try.  That seems to be a common complaint. 
But I can work around it.

I love Python, but the update regimen is very frustrating.  It's a 
misery to me why every major release requires new versions of so much 
application stuff.  No other software that I use is like that.  When I 
upgrade Windoze, I do not have to get new matching versions of all my 
editors, browsers, and whatnot.  But Python makes me do that, and that's 
why I am stuck on release 2.4.  Even the pure Python stuff needs to be 
copied from one "site-packages" to another.  Then I have to figure out 
why it won't work.  I have fought my way through the upgrade path twice, 
and I just can't face it again.

Thus endeth the rant.

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