Adding a Par construct to Python?

George Sakkis george.sakkis at
Mon May 18 20:58:45 CEST 2009

On May 18, 5:27 am, jer... at wrote:

> My suggestion is primarily about using multiple threads and sharing
> memory - something akin to the OpenMP directives that one of you has
> mentioned. To do this efficiently would involve removing the Global
> Interpreter Lock, or switching to Jython or Iron Python as you
> mentioned.
> However I *do* actually want to add syntax to the language.

Good luck with that. The GIL is not going away any time soon (or
probably ever) and as long as CPython is the "official"
implementation, there are almost zero chances of adding syntax support
for this. Besides, Guido and other py-devs are not particularly keen
on threads as a parallelization mechanism.


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